Start by contacting us to set up an appointment, then in as little as 5 business days we will travel to your airport to complete the installation. Installation is completed in approximately 1 to 2 hours which includes installation, configuration, ground testing, and completion of the required FAA documentation. Now it’s time for the fun! As a certified flight instructor I will provide ground instruction on the basic functions if needed then we will take to the skies. This is when you will have time to learn the system in a real environment with no need to jeopardize safety. I can make radio calls, keep us out of airspace and keep an eye on any traffic all while you learn all the great new features of your IFD 540. Once you are comfortable with the operation then we will complete the remaining flight test items including at least one instrument approach. And last expect to spend several hours explaining to fellow aviators what they should be looking for in their panel mounted products. 
Currently we are running a program for installation of the Avidyne IFD 540 starting at $7000.00 with the trade of your currently installed and working GNS 530W..

As a commercial rated pilot and flight instructor I quickly realized the increased level of safety in having so much information available at a moment’s notice. With the enhanced situational awareness and the ease of use Avidyne has once again set a new standard in panel mounted products. 

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